Categories of Infringements

Infringements and traffic offenses in South Africa can have different forms and implications, some simple and others very serious.

The implication of paying a fine

A fine is a payable punishment whereby an offender accepts guilt for the offense when paying the fine. Paying the fine implicates an acceptance of guilt and will halt the procedure before any further action is taken.

Regular fines and NAG's

Paying a fine for a traffic infringement and accepting guilt will halt the procedure and the offense will be marked as settled. There also exists more serious offenses that can result in serious actions taken. NAG's (no admission of guilt) is offenses that does not have an acceptance of guilt fine. The notice of this infringement will usually inform the infringer that a summons will follow, compelling the infringer to appear before a judge. These infringements does not have payable fines and therefore guilt cannot be accepted (hence the name: No Admission of Guilt). Often negotiations can be entered into with prosecutors and/or magistrates to cancel these infringements or impose a payable fine.

An example of NAG-infringements is driving more than 40km/ph over the speed limit on a highway (>160km/ph), or more than 30km/ph over the speed limit on urban roads.