Role Players

There are several role players present in the administration and adjudication of traffic fines in South Africa.

From the date of the actual infringement there are many processes and different hands a fine is passed through.

Local Authorities

Local authorities is the authority that issues your fine. Each local authority has a unique notice number identifier and each of these utilizes a different process and/or service provider whereby fines are issued and collected.

Example: Ekurhuleni notice numbers looks like 23/xxxxxx/142/xxxxxx and their fine administration is administered by a specific service provider.

Service Providers

Service Providers are external mechanisms of state and they are contracted by local authorities and municipalities to set up fine cameras and implement an electronic system whereby the municipality can administer and manage all fines issued in that specific local area.


Agents are diverse and plentiful. Agents are often externally contracted individuals that acts on behalf of companies and attempts to settle, represent, and dispute the fines of their clients. Agents can have different processes and their roles and responsibility is not contained within legislation. Many municipalities and local authorities attempt to discourage companies and individuals from using agents.


For each fine issued there is ultimately a person responsible for causing the offense and infringement. For individuals the fine will be issued on the ID of the owner of the vehicle, or the physical driver in the case of hand-written fines.In the case of businesses the fine will be issued on the ID of the appointed proxy of the business, or the driver in the case of hand-written fines.