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Traffic fines and why you should care

We've all, at one point or the other made a judgment error on the road. We're human and we make mistakes. While the vast majority of road offenses pass without notice, some we are held to account for.

According to eNatis[1] the latest statistics indicate that we have 12.3 million licensed drivers on the roads in South Africa. It goes without saying that a substantial portion of these road users will at some point or the other be issued with a traffic fine.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin:

...in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

Had he been a South African road user, I'm sure he'd add traffic fines to the list...

While many road users choose to ignore traffic fines, one thing to remember is that those fines never expire or magically disappear. In fact ignoring legal notices can have dire consequences when the law catches up.

IOX Fleet Services assists corporate fleet owners and regular road users with the sourcing and settlement of traffic fines online. Sign-up and see how easy it is to manage your outstanding traffic fines.

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