User Menu: Traffic Fines

For your convenience, we have recently changed the look and feel of the Traffic Fines sub-menu layout.


Below is the current Traffic Fines sub-menu:


Below is the new Traffic Fines sub-menu:
As usual, go to “Menu” and select the sub-menu “Traffic Fines” where you will see the new Traffic Fines layout.

New Filter

To utilise the new filter select the "Open Filter" button above the fine list:

The Filter menu will expand as follows:
In this filter you can now filter according to legal statuses. Here you can select the applicable filter that applies.

It is important that you remember to select the "Search"-button everytime adjustments are made on the Filter Menu to update the search.

After search results are filtered you will see a list according to the parameters of your search, including legal statuses (which is a newly-added feature):

If you select a fine, a menu will expand from the bottom of the browser as follows:
From the expanded menu you will see your legal payment/settlement options and have the option to download a PDF of the fine information or view the fine detail. A detailed breakdown of the payable amount will be displayed.

When selecting an option from the expanded menu for a fine, your option will be placed into the cart:

After adding a payment option to your cart you can proceed to adding more fines to the cart with the same process, or you can checkout and generate a quote for payment.

Legal Statuses

Read more about the newly added legal statuses here: